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List of Institutional Collections

Sr No. Description of the collection Period
94 Natarang Pratishthan 1968-2010
95 Pataudi State Praja Mandal 1939-1940
95a Pataudi State Praja Mandal 1949
96 Peasant Movement (Pamphlets and reports) 1929-1949
Planning Commission (See Mitra, Asok)
97 Poona District Congress Committee 1908-1922
97a Poona District Congress Committee 1945-1946
98 Praja Socialist Party (Microfilm) 1949-1967
Public Interest Litigation in India (See Civil Liberties and Human Rights)
99 Punjab Conspiracy Case Proceedings (Microfilm) 1930-1933
100 Punjab Photo Service 1960-1982
101 Quarterly Survey of the Political and Constitutional Position in British India (Microfilm) 1937-1946
102 Quit India Movement, papers relating to (Selections from C.I.D. records Bombay & U.P.) 1942-1943
103 Rashtra Bhasha Prachar Samiti, Wardha (Microfilm) 1938-1963
104 Revolutionary patriotic activities in the pre - partitioned Punjab (Microfilm) 1901-1935
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