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List of Institutional Collections

Sr No. Description of the collection Period
Hindustan Socialist Republican Army (See miscellaneous items)
54 Hindustani Talimi Sangh (Microfilm) 1937-1960
55 Home Rule League 1916-1921
56 India Office Records, London (Microfilm) 1907-1930
India League (See Menon, Krishna papers and miscellaneous items) (Also on microfilm)
57 Indian Association (Microfilm) 1878-1948
58 Indian freedom struggle, documents available in political archives, Bonn. (Microfilm in German) 1914-1944
59 Indian Merchants' Chamber, Bombay (Also on microfilm) 1938-1971
60 Indian National Social Conference (Microfilm) 1889-1920
61 Indian Records of United Society for Propagation of the Gospel (Microfilm) 1840-1900
62 Indore Rajya Praja Mandal 1921-1947
63 Jaipur State Praja Mandal 1940-1949
64 Jamaitul - Ulema - i - Hind (Microfilm) 1921-1978
65 Janata Party (I Instalment) PDF file that opens in new window. To know how to open PDF file refer Help section located at bottom of the site. (530.29 Mb) 1972-1992
66 Jat Gazette (On Microfilm) (Received with the papers of Ram Singh Jakhar) 1966-1968
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