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List of Miscellaneous Collections

Sr No. Description Period
1076 An article by Ram Kumar Agrawal entitled 'Raigarh aur Swadhinata ki Larai'.
1077 An article on Azad Hind Fauj by Shiv Singh Chauhan
1078 An album containing a poem on Indira Gandhi by Asha Jain and a notebook containing verses by Govind Patel
1079 'Poems on Nehru' by Dr. Ram Sharan Prasad
1080 'A dialogue with Nehru' by Mohammed Hassanein Heikal
1081 'The first printed pamphlet of songs' by S. Bharati
1082 'Yuga-nirmata, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru' by Sunderlal B. Malhava
1083 'Bharatiyon ke Anmol Jawahar' by Ganesh Shankar R. Maheshwari
1084 Biographical sketch of Kamtekar family
1085 A charge-sheet and judgment of territorial army in the case of freedom fighters of Goa
1086 India's Declaration of Independence and a picture of Dandi March
1087 India of my Dream in the Hands of Vinobaji, a book by Satis Chandra Das Gupta
1088 An article "Congress Radio Calling"- relating to 1942 Movement. Also a Photo copy of a Congress Transmitter
1089 Transcript of a B.B.C. interview of Lord Mountbatten
1090 An incomplete report about Kashmir
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