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Senior FellowsTopic
Dr. Tiplut Nongbri  Beyond Borders: The challenge of marrying out
Shri Sanjay Pulipaka India, South Asia and 'One Belt One Road' (OBOR)
Shri Vikram Sampath The Life and times of Veer Savarkar and his relevance to contemporary Indian politics
Dr. Nandini Bhattacharya Panda History, Lineage and the Dynamics of 'Law' in Northeast India: Code, Custom and the State, 1873-2013
Dr. Uttam Kumar Sinha  Indus Waters Treaty: Re-examining the Historical Context and Exploring the Future Text
Ms. Sandhya Jain  India and Balochistan: Rise of a Suppressed People
Dr. Priya Bhalla Revisiting Gandhian Thoughts: The Economics involved in his Ideologies and its relevance in Contemporary Times 
Dr. Shwetanshu Bhushan Women's Seclusion and Inclusion in the Historical traditions and the Contemporary Paradox- A Study in the context of Present Rajasthan
Dr. Janaki Abraham The transformation of social landscapes in towns in India: The case of Bikaner, Rajasthan 
Dr. Kavita N. Soreide Changing Land Rights Under the Sixth Schedule of India: A Gendered Perspective
Dr. Kuhu Sharma Chanana Gender and Sexual Minorities and Non-Normative Geographies as seen through the Lens of the Contemporary Literature 
Dr. Sonu Trivedi Indians in Myanmar: From Colonial Rule to Civilian Rule
Dr. Rita Banerjee India, the East, and the West in Rabindranath Tagore's Vision
Dr. Shreya Pandey EU-India Relations: A Critical Analysis through the prism of the Indian Print Media  
Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Coolinama: Lost Voices of Indentured Indians
Dr. Bhuwan Jha Madan Mohan Malaviya, Call for Sangathan and Legislative Politics 
Dr. Latika Gupta Nation within a Nation: Culture, Education and Politics of Tibetan Refugees in India 
Junior FellowsProposed Topic 
Dr. Bindu Sahni Environment, Natural resources and Gujjar Community in Himachal Pradesh; Impact of British intervention in the region 
Dr. Pooja Kataria Criminal profiling: A standard weapon for Law Enforcement Agency
Dr. Geetika Bapna Marriage and life: Everyday accounts from an urban Neighbourhood
Dr. Md. Sohrabuddin An Environmental History of Post-colonial Indian Himalayas
Dr. Saurabh Kumar Mishra बैगा जनजाति की नई पीढ़ी मे परंपरा, मान्यता और रीति के प्रति उनकी धारणाओं पर मीडिया का प्रभाव (डिंडौरी स्थित बैगा बाहुल्य श्रेत्र चाड़ा के विशेष संदर्भ में)
Dr. Shubhra Ray The Cultures of Print and Colonial French India
Dr. Suparna Sengupta Occupying Island and Controlling Seas: Andamans and Bay of Bengal
Shri Raj Kumar Thakur Exploring the Contemporary World of ‘Coolies’, 1951 to 2015
Dr. Prerna Chaturvedi आपातकाल और राष्ट्रीय स्वयंसेवक संघ विचार परिवार
Dr. Amit K. Suman ‘Educating the Poor: Centres of Sanskrit Learning in Colonial North India, Reforms and Evolution’
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