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The Nehru Memorial Museum & Library


‘Capial and Capitalism: India’s journey’, 27th May, 2015.


‘Capial and Capitalism: India’s journey’


Prof. Sumit K. Majumdar,
University of Texas at Dallas,
Richardson, USA.


The talk will consist of an articulation of the nature of capital as well as capitalism, as commonly understood, and present a framework that takes forward a concept of capital as capabilities and how modern industrial growth can be understood through the lens of this framework. The historical experiences of India, over the course of the last century, in industrial development, will be assessed. A specific emphasis will be laid on the role of public sector enterprises in economic growth and industrial evolution, and a model of how investments in public sector enterprises can be managed, in contemporary settings, will be articulated.


Prof. Sumit Majumdar is Professor of Technology Strategy in the School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson. His interest areas are competition policy, entrepreneurship, political economy, regulation and technology strategy. He has published extensively in academic and popular presses, has edited the two-volume Handbook of Telecommunications Economics and is the author of India’s Late, Late Industrial Revolution: Democratizing Entrepreneurship, 2012. His website is

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