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65. Deleted

66. Authentication

All orders and decisions of the Executive Council and of the Finance Committee shall be authenticated by the signature of the Director or by such other officer as may be specified by the Executive Council in this behalf.

67. Holidays

The Nehru Memorial Museum and Library Society shall observe such holidays as are observed by the Secretariat of the Government of India located in Delhi and such other holidays as may be determined by the Executive Council.

68. Service Books and Character Rolls

  1. The Society shall maintain a Service Book and a Character Roll of each employee (Character Rolls in respect of Group 'D' employees need not be maintained) in such form and setting out such particulars as may be prescribed by the Director.
  2. The entries in the service book of an employee shall be made by the Administrative Officer or by such other authority to whom this power may be delegated by the Director.
  3. The entries in the Character Roll of an employee shall be made by the authority to whom such employee is immediately subordinate and shall be countersigned by the higher authority with his/her remarks.

69. Other conditions of Service

In respect of matters not provided for in these Bye-Laws regarding general conditions of service, pay, allowances including travelling and daily allowance, leave salary, joining time, foreign service, and deputation in India and abroad as contained in Fundamental and Supplementary Rules, and orders decisions issued therein applicable to the Central Government servants shall apply mutatis mutandis to the employees of the Society.

70. Power to relax

  1. notwithstanding anything contained in these Bye-Laws the Executive Council may, in the case of any employee relax any of the provisions of these Bye-Laws to relieve him of any undue hardship arising from the operation of such provisions or in the interest of the Society.
  2. The Executive Council may amend, modify or add to these Bye-Laws from time to time, all amendments, modifications, or additions, when promulgated by the Society shall take effect from such date as may be prescribed by it.
  3. In the event of a disagreement between the representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the Chairman of the Executive Council of Nehru Memorial Museum & Library on the financial matters beyond the delegated powers of the Ministry/Department of the Government of India, the matter may be referred by the Department of Culture to the Ministry concerned and the Finance Minister for a decision.

71. Removal of doubts.

Where a doubt arises as to whether any authority of the Society is superior to any other authority or as to the interpretation or application of any of the provisions of these Bye-Laws, the decision of the Executive Council thereon shall be final.

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