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20. Scale of Pay

The scales of pay for the posts under the Society shall be as specified in the First Schedule, as amended from time to time.

21. Fixation of Initial Pay, Drawal of Increments, Leave Salary etc.

Government rules regarding fixation of initial pay, drawal of increments and salary and allowances during leave of various kinds of suspension shall apply mutatis mutandis to the employees of the society save as specifically provided in these rules.

21(1) Pay of Persons appointed on contractual basis
The pay of persons who are appointed on contractual basis after retirement from the society or Government Service or Service of a Government Undertaking or Govt. aided autonomous organisation shall be fixed in accordance with the Government rules and orders in force.

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in clause (1) the Sanctioning Authority may decide that the employee shall draw pay at any higher stage than that fixed under the aforesaid clause.


22. Advance Increments

In the case of direct recruits to any category of posts:

  1. the appointing authority may on the recommendation of the Selection Committee allow initial pay at any stage above the minimum in accordance with the provision contained in FR27 and instruction there under.
  2. the Sanctioning Authority may grant up to five advance increments.

23. Service for Increments

The following service shall count for increments in the time-scale of a post:

  1. duty in that post or in any other post of the same or higher grade, whether continuous or not;
  2. duty in any equivalent or higher post in foreign service; and
  3. leave other than extraordinary leave: Provided that the Sanctioning authority may direct that extraordinary leave shall also count for increments if it is satisfied that such leave was taken on account of illness or for any other cause beyond the control of the employee.

24. Pay of re-employed Persons

The pay of persons who are re-employed after retirement from Government service or service of a University or Government commercial undertaking or Government aided autonomous organisations shall be fixed in accordance with the Ministry of Finance OM No.8(34)-EIII57 dated 25.11.1958, as amended from time to time.

(2) Deleted.

25. Special Pay and Personal Pay, Honorarium and Fee

The Executive Council may sanction to an employee, in special circumstances, such special pay, personal pay, honorarium or fee and on such conditions as it may deem fit.

26. Drawal of Pay

  1. an employee shall be entitled to draw the pay of the post to which he/she is appointed from the date on which he/she assumes charge of the post, if the charge is transferred before noon of that date. If the charge is transferred in the afternoon, he/she shall draw pay from the following day.
  2. Pay in respect of any month shall become payable on the last working day of the month. However, if the last working day or days of the month are public holidays or Bank Holiday, payment shall be made on last working day before such holidays.
  3. An employee resigning from the service of the Society, without the notice prescribed by Bye-Law 19 shall not, unless the Appointing Authority directs otherwise, be allowed to draw pay due but not drawn;
    Provided that the pay not allowed to be drawn shall not exceed the total dues recoverable from him.

27(1) and 27(2) Deleted.

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