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‘Learnings in Bihar: Challenges of elementary education in the last decade’ , 8th October, 2014


The last decade has been a very eventful time in the history of school education in Bihar. Based on substantial empirical research and extensive field experiences during this period, the talk will focus on tracking how policies translated into practice in elementary education. Along with analyzing macro trends using primary and secondary data, the talk will attempt to take an in-depth look at the challenges of trying to simultaneously “deliver” quantity and quality at a fast pace as well as the learnings from the attempts to carry out significant changes in the institutional architecture. Overall, the talk will aim to look back and take stock of how far Bihar has come and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead for education in the state.


Dr. Rukmini Banerji has been with Pratham for almost 20 years and heads ASER Centre, the research and assessment unit of Pratham.

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