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Research and Publication Division

The Research and Publications Division monitors the ongoing research projects of our institution, publishes research documents and is also responsible for organizing seminars and lectures. The Centre for Contemporary Studies functions under the umbrella of the Research and Publications Division. This Division has sponsored and published the selected works of important leaders like Motilal Nehru, Jayaprakash Narayan and Acharya Narendra Deva. Currently, this Division is engaged in several research projects which involve many research fellows working on various aspects of modern and contemporary Indian history, including the publication of the Selected Works of C. Rajagopalachari. The Research and Publications Division also publishes the Occasional Papers in two series namely ‘History and Society’ and ‘Perspectives in Indian Development’. The publications of Occasional Papers was revived in the year 2012 and so far the NMML has brought out 155 Papers. Most of these papers are the written version of presentations made by scholars in the various academic events organized by the NMML